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Laura Warland

Writing about personal experience has meant I've needed someone who helps me to lean into discomfort. Carson has led me to my own (often hidden) significant details to strengthen my thesis and helped me turn pieces inside out until they read most true.

Intuitive Editing

I work with writers in all stages of their journey, whether it's developing and polishing a poem or a full collection. My intention is to listen, I think of poems as shells held up to our ears - they require a childlike wonder, a fresh and imaginative approach each time. l partner with you to find the best way to communicate your stories, bringing clear ideas for how to take your writing to the next level, often pulling examples from a wide knowledge of reading. I currently charge £15 per poem and take payment via PayPal, this includes in-depth line edits, one-to-one mentorship, and continued support until the poem feels finished. Please contact me to discuss larger projects.

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